s there trouble in Banana Boat paradise?

LeBron James¬†and¬†Dwyane Wade‘s reunion may have caused a rift within the NBA’s famed brotherhood.

Wade joined his former Miami Heat teammate on the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday following his buyout from the Chicago Bulls.

While their good friend Chris Paul is happy for them, he and Carmelo Anthonyare motivated to take down the Cavs duo.

“I told them guys ‘congrats.’ Getting back together there, but at the end of the day, I know Melo wants to beat them bad,” Paul said.

“I want to beat them bad. They want to beat us bad, so it is what it is.”

It’s worth noting that CP3 joined the¬†Houston Rockets¬†via sign-and-trade this offseason, and that Melo was rumored to be on his way to Clutch City, too. That didn’t happen, though, with the¬†New York Knicks¬†trading the 10-time All-Star to the¬†Oklahoma City Thunder¬†instead.

Paul will get his first opportunity to knock off the three-time Eastern Conference champs Nov. 9 at Toyota Center.


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