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Golden State Warriors are one of the best teams in the NBA right now, and it’s easy for their fans to recognize the Splash Brothers, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green.

But, where they have been 5-15 years ago when Golden State didn’t play even in the NBA Playoffs.

From 1994-95 to 2011-12, they played only once in the playoffs (18 seasons). Many players played for them and maybe you forgot top 10 NBA players who played for the Warriors Nation.

Nick Van Exel 2003-04

Matt Barnes 2006-2008

Marco Belinelli 2007-2009

Larry Hughes 2000-2002

Gilbert Arenas 2001-2003

Russell Wesbrook 2007

Did you try to google it? 


Jamal Crawford 2008-2009

Antawn Jamison 1998-2003

(Bandwagon fans don’t know this)

Nate Robinson 2012

Chris Webber 1993-1994

Brian Shaw 1997-1998


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